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Deborah Florence Glassford Letters and Memorabilia


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for Jinie[?] is happiness, and health of [?] her ejoyment comning[?] to [?]ddealy came as a shark to [?] all, and not Eruownig[?] the girl but she fuag[?] be suitable, [?] for his sake we shall like her, at present, te titis us nothing about her, come fuuids[?] tell us else adores heni[?], North country people are as rale[?] good house repes[?] do dhausig[?] she kill be a good wife.

Very nie[?] th[?]lrs when the war is over. All the men will not settle down to Office [?], but such to the [?] it is so J[?]ing to see women [?] every thing been [?] {[?], these [?] no [?]ids to be [?] you were lucky to get one so soon, I hope you find her [?} success I am longing to hear how the little fodr[?] I [?] fits Betty, your mother will be [?[ to have May news her you must [?] adore Betty I do wish I could see her boys is such a huge fog he was [?] to see one alone now which is very nice Jack is a bright little fellow. I do hope Fred will not haveto join but if the war goes on for another year, he will have to do so, well be must make the

BC Archives, MS-0089 GLASSFORD, Deborah Florence (Leighton). Vancouver Box 1 Correspondence inward, 1916 File 4