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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks


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Dec. The inhabitants look far from pleased with our arrival. The Kromping war [illegible] here & the ex Kaiser's sister lives at Palast Schaunburg now occupied by Gen'l Sir Arthur Currie, Cdn Corp as his HQ

Dec 13th Friday. Wet heavy drizzle all day. One of the great days in history . The Bn armies crossed the Rhine - Cdns at Bonn (2nd Div) and Americans (Rainbow Div) at Coblenz. I had the honour of hoisting two Union Jacks on the Bridge at Bonn on arrival of Corps Commander at 9.20 am (The flag belongs to Maj. Rev. Wells ). March finished at 15.15 hours without a break. Prince Arthur of Connaught present attended by Leaster of Sinclair. There was no hitch & only 2 arrests of civilians. Gen'l Sir H Burstall 2 Civ Commdr made a good impression . Troops looked wonderfully well, smart & well disciplined after their long march of 30 days to the Rhine. They marched well & had a fine bearaing - All fighting troops had bayonets fixed. The effect on the Germans was what was intended. There was no roughness shown to civilians and they were compelled to show respect to colours & officers, It seems that town suffered a good deal from retreating G & Austrian troops.

Dec 14. Did some shopping for the Mess with assistance of Major HP Burrell who spoke German. Many

BC Archives, MS-2879, Box 83, File 1 CREASE FAMILY "Diary of the War", diary and scrapbook of Arthur Douglas Crease 1915-1919.