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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks


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Sund Dec 24 Lovely day. To church at Carleton. After lunch walked over to Caistor Old Hall to see Con. Found Cecil in bed. Hudson Gurney & Rosskell there - 9 miles

Mon Dec 25 The first Christmas spent at Carleton for 27 years. Wet - Early service & matins. Walked with Jack & Watts to Hethel thorn. Charades before dinner & quiet evening.

Tues Dec 26 Walked about the place with a gun & Cecil & Con having come over to lunch, with the latter round Mulbarton Com.

Wed Dec 27 Country beautiful with hoar frost esp tower Green. Jess drove me to Wymondham. Lunched at Temple lunch room. Took whole family except Nancy who had measles & Maria Matthews to Kingsway theatre to see