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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks


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involve a departure from the foundation of the English School the ultimate result will be criticized closely.

Perhaps it may be said that he has put a different interpretation on the accepted tactics + he has only appeared to take great chances while he had really taken every measure to turn those chances to account.

If we said in this wear at the first that all attacks must be frontal because there were no flanks. But you can see how he makes flanks and revels in them. If he is stopped in one place he does not waste time there but looks for a softer spot + pushes in there with all his weight. The end is not yet. He has not broken our line + he has immensely lengthened his front + has used up a lot of troops.

Much may happen yet + perhaps the next scene the curtain rise on will not be so pleasant to German eyes.

With love yr affect brother