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by [summer?] & I went for a 20 miles walk today through mud & water though not by any means of the worst type. Though tired before dinner I was all right afterwards & now feel quite fit enough tracery on to 6 A.M. when my tour of 25 hours duty will end.

At present I am in the orderly room dug out with nothing to do - Fritz is very quiet on our front today but yesterday was different & it is really marvellous how few casualites we got.

The mail tonight brought me a letter from you & one from Harry and a parcel of woollies from Nell. I am very sorry to hear that she is having difficulty gathering the kind of help she needs. The old fossil who is there can only be a burden.

So [Senr?] MacDonald left you three hundred dolls. Well done he

Col Tait gave out at the Christmas dinner that they owed the turkeys to you. They were fine & the dinner a great success.

Love to all. Yr affect brother

Arthur D. Crease