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1914-215 Rex vs. Gin Yuen alias John Young – procuring, Vancouver


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RX vs Gim Yeun Young Goon Cannery man 496 Keefer St. I have known the accused about a year and a half, knew him when he was cooking on Main Street. About September 1913 he met me and asked if I would like to have intercourse with a young Chinese girl. I asked him whom it was when he told me Annie Daughter of Gim Wing. he told me it would cost $5.00 per time, and I made an appointment for the next afternoon.. I met him the following afternoon and paid him $5.00 and he took me to 420 Hastings Street E. took a key out his pocket and opened the door into a room. When I went in Annie was there. He told her I had paid $5.00 and for her to do business with me. He then went out and I had intercourse with her. When I got dressed and went out he was waiting for me. I was there 3 times and always the same conditions and I always paid him.