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1914-215 Rex vs. Gin Yuen alias John Young – procuring, Vancouver


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JICK GOM, called as a witness, being first sworn, testified as follows: ( through interpreter) Questions by MR GRANT: 33 Q Where do you live?

 A 612 Pendwer street East , in the City of Vancouver.

4 Q Who do you live with?

 A I live with Hop Tou.

5 Q What do you mean ... MR READ: No my friend cannot cross examine his own witness. COURT : Is that her father?

 A No he is simply a room mate with us.

COURT : Do you work for Hop Tou?

 A  No, the man is right there.

6 Q Who else lives in the house?

  A And one of my cousins.

7 Q male or female?

  A Male.

8 Q What is his name?

   A  Gin Sing.

9 Q Who else lives in the house?

 A No, no one else.

40 Q Who cooks for Hop Tou? MR READ I don't know if this is material. 1 Q (to interpreter) Now just try to get the answers in full Mr Sung. Hop Tou and his wife live there , she and her father her cousin and who else?

 A My father , mother and and brothers and sisters.

2 Q Do you know the accused? A Yes I do 3 Q How long have you known him?

 A  About five or six years.

4 Q He used to live at your house?

  A Yes, when we lived in the house at the rear of 426 Pender street east he lived with us.
5 Q  Now did anything happen between you and the accused at