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1908/7 Rex vs. Ung Wing – shooting with intent to murder


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gone into the lungs. Q. And what stopped that bullet? I guess it spent itself. 0 And it never struck any bone or anything? A. No.


Q. What time were you telephoned for? A. I really could not say. I know that the first car —I just passed it on Columbia Avenue,---I did not look at my watch. Q Where do you live? A. At the Corner of Jackson Avenue and Cordova Street. Q. And when you got to the Drug Store what time was it? A. It could not be very far from 6:00 o'clock. Mr. J:That is all. Court: That will do, thank you, Doctor. MAH SING ,CALLED AND SWORN (BURNING OF PAPER) Q. Where do you live, — I want your address? A. Vancouver.

BC Archives GR-0419 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Box 124 File 1908/7 Attorney General documents.