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1908/7 Rex vs. Ung Wing – shooting with intent to murder


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Q. Now, do you know the accused? A. I do. Q. How long have you known him ? A I have known him since last year. We were working together. O. And you stated, you were living in the same house, ---- Where were you working? A. Up ....... Interpreter I suppose it is up the Coast. Q Up to wh»t time did you see the accused at this house, where you both lived? A. The last tine do you mean? Q. Up to what time did you see him around the place where you both lived? Or in other words ,—-- when did he go away from that house where you both lived? A. I can not tell you exactly. Q. A week or a month or how long ago? Is it as long as a week ago? A. He was away about two days and he was arrested. Q. He was away about two days before he was arrested? A.. Yes went to Westminster first and then to Ladner. Mr K: That is all. CROSS EXAMINATION BY MR JONES. NO QUESTIONS. DR MACKAY, CALLED AND SWORN.

BC Archives GR-0419 BOX 124 File 1908/7 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Attorney General documents.