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1908/7 Rex vs. Ung Wing – shooting with intent to murder


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the railroad track,----and I seen two chinamen going towards Cook & Taits. Mill, following the railroad track, and I was about 10 yards above that when they were passing. And there was a train passing, and through the light I could see them. And they were close to some cars there. And it looked suspicious and I went down and I got between the cars and I waited. Q. Did you see if they had anything in their hands? A. N0 sir I could not see anything in their hands, and probably an hour hour I heard somebody walking, and I looked out and seen two chinamen and they dropped their sacks. Q. And they had sacks? A, Yes sir, like they were taking a rest. And one man had a hen in one hand and a sack in the other. And one had a sack. Court had a hen you say? A. Yes sir. Q. And it seemed there was something in the sack? A. Yes, they were full, Just about full. And they picked up their sacks again and walked about three steps and I jumped out and they both started to run. Q. And what about their sacks and hen? A. And I ran and caught one by the back of the collar of the coat and turned him around. And I said where did you get the chickens, and he said across the creek". And I could understand what he said. And the other chinaman ran and got ahead. And I could not see whether he went between the cars. (J. And the chinaman you had had nothing in his hand pf sacks? A. No sir, not when I got him. Q. And this would be about what time in the morning? A About 5:00 o'clock. Q What have you got to say as to the lightness or the darkness of the place? A. No, I could not see the time on my watch through the night, taking it out like that. BC Archives GR-0419 Box 124 File 1908/7 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Attorney General documents.