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1908/7 Rex vs. Ung Wing – shooting with intent to murder


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So then on account of the day light or the electric light all through the night I could see the time on my watch. It was not so dark that I could not tell the time.

15- Q. Was it a moon-light night? A. No, but it was not dark. I do not know whether there was any moon light or not.

16- Court:- What time was this? A. Avout 5:00 o'clock in the morning.

17- Q. And after catching him, -- this chinaman, -- what did you do then? A. I snapped the hand-cuff on his left hand. And I took hold of the right cuff with my right hand, and I picked up the one sack of chickens.

18- Q. You took him back to where the chickens were? A. Yes, it is only a short distance, three or four yards.

19- Q. Oh. I see, he had no opportunity to run further? A. No, Sir. And I told him to carry that sack of chieckens. And I took hold of the other sack and I led him along about 800 yards. And he came along without any trouble. And he was carrying one sack.

20- Q. You were leading him along, -- was that leading him along the track? A. No leading along the road, -- there is a road there. It comes out on Canton Street I think it is. And he had gone probably 200 yards when the, -- and he was carrying them this way, --- and in his right hand, and the sack fell off his shoulder. And I told him to pick them up. And he tunred and picked them up.

21- Q. Turned around and picked the bag up? A. Yes sir. And he went three or four yards further and he fired a shot, striking me, and knocking me to my knees.

22- Q. Now, he picked up the sack again, Mr. McLeod and fired the shot, --- what with? A. A revolver.

23- Q. He must have dropped his sack to do it? A. I did not notice whether he dropped the sack or not.


BC Archives GR-0419 Box 124 File 1908/7 / BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. / Attorney General documents.