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1905/9 Rex vs. Soon Ching – keeping a gaming house (Vancouver)


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national games? A- I could not say because I don't know their fancy, but I think this fan tan game is their fancy for gambling. 67.Q. The whiteman's fancy often runs to poker? A.Yes. Q. The whiteman is permitted to play poker in his club? A. I think so. 69.Q. Why should not Chinamen be permitted to play fantan in their clubs? Is it not a fact that poker is played in the clubs of Vancouver, and that no restriction is made by the police? A. I don't know. 70.Q- You are not a member of any of the clubs? A. No. 71.Q. You know of poker being played In private residences? A. I do not. 72.Q It would not surprise you as a police officer to find fan-tan paraphernalia in a Chinese club? A. It would not. 73.Q. No more than it would surprise you to find a pack of cards there? A.No. 74.Q. Or dominos? A. No. 75.Q. Do you produce any money here? A. Yes. 76.Q . Where is it? (Ferris) It is not in evidence yet. 77.Q. When you entered the premises in question, you did not find anybody at first--you did not see any Chinamen? A. I did not myself. 78.Q. How long had you been there before you saw any? A minute or possibly five minutes or seven minutes. 79.Q He came from below with a number of other Chinamen, or did he come by himself? A. He came up himself as far as I seen 80.Q He was in there when you went there first? A. No 81.Q. Are you sure? A. After we got in there, then he came up. 82.Q. Do you know for what purpose? A. I don't know. 83.Q. He went away again? A. I don't think so. 84.Q. Don't you remember that he went downstairs and came up again? A. He might of. 85.Q. You know that? A. I can't recall it. BC Archives GR-0419 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Box 106 File 1905/9 Attorney General documents.