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1898/14 re Chinese miners on Fraser River – encroaching on an Indian reserve


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Copy Summary Conviction GGG. - Section 872.)

Warrant of Commitment on an order in the first instance.


    County of Westminster

To all or any of the Constables and other Peace Officers in the said County of Westminster

    and to the Keeper of the Common Gaol of the County of Westminster
    at Yale, in the said County of Westminster
    WHEREAS, on Sixteenth March last past, complaint was made before

the undersigned A. Irwin, a Justice of the Peace Indian Agent in and for the said County District of Yale, for that Joe a Chinaman did unlawfully trespass by mining and residing on the fore short of the Spuzzum Indian Reserve on Wednesday March 16th 1898

and afterwards, to wit, on the Seventeenth day of March at The Court House Yale and Joe appeared before me, the said Justice and thereupon having considered the matter of the complaint, I adjudged the said Joe

BC Archives GR-0419 BRITISH COLUMBIA, ATTORNEY GENERAL. Box 75 File 1898/14 Attorney General documents.