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1895/39 Regina vs. Lee Heng Yum – gaming, Victoria (good description of Fan Tan Alley)


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per day; I was in the tan room on Wednesday 28th November and Friday 30th November and I laid the information 1st December; no one spoke to me about laying this information; I was summoned myself for gambling about two weeks ago on 30th November; I received the summons on Friday to appear in the Court on Tuesday and I laid this charge; next day after I received the summons; I am sure the money belonged to the accused because h carried into the room; other men were dealing in that room, I don't know who, on the same 28th November.

To the Court:

The accused was dealing all the time I was in the room and at the same table; other men were dealing at the other tables; I did not hear the accused talk to the cashier at his table or to the man handling the tan at the other tables.

(Signature in Chinese).

Ah Wing, Interpreter.

(Sd) F. Macrae, P.M.