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1895/39 Regina vs. Lee Heng Yum – gaming, Victoria (good description of Fan Tan Alley)


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per day; I was in the tan room on Wednesday 28th November and Friday 30th November and I laid the information ; I was summoned myself for gambling about two weeks ago on 30th November; I received the summons on friday to appear in the court on Tuesday and I laid this charge.; next day after I received the summons; I am sure the money belonged to the accused because he carried into the room; other men were dealing in that room , I don't know who, on the same 28th November. To the Court: The accused was dealing all the time I was in the room and at the same table; other men were dealing at the other tables ; I did not hear the accused talk to the cashier at his table or the man handling the tan at the other tables.