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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1893 (A/E/R54/R54 1893)


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Fair smiled as Spring

We had breakfast by laughing and Robbie was off sail to Car? River in the alleys dillustionary Terry? Perry? shot a mallard in our stream the affected some of "Thetisioniary" done to go with him to the river. They did wish to come, so he stayed at home A eve of L's launched (alive/Bill Lunar accompanied by his wife and daughter Sdilk? arrived about 2 pm - asking me to marry Julia Curian with Saturday to halfbreed (Galcain Indian) married Nicholas Bass - L gave them diaries?then they went to Mamocks on ___? Audio Wilson and Levi came in August.Job? Got medicine for themselves and for Ida Robbie returned as we were at tea - with only our drink - a better ball. Be last the blame on the ___?(my old one). Up at dawn, Another drink? this morning. (mine a rum) Terry and I did some cleaning back of the barn a be part up a shelter shed for the lambs. A.Wilan Ol. Nelson? & donna helped O. A. and me to carry her "roof" (an old affair living ages the fence) I gave Andrew a dose of medicine - Laurie washing her moms After that Terry waent to the "shelter" to help commemorate the Burchells' wedding Tonight I wrote to "Hoddie & Stoughter" wrote tonight to Laura Wadhams