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Reverend Robert James Roberts Diary 1892 (A/E/R54/R54 1892)


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Mild few drops of <illegible>

January Tuesday 26 1892

In A. M. I was working in <illegible> Swamp <illegible> <illegible> - <illegible> fixing up boat & cut wood, <illegible> <illegible> were cutting wood <illegible> <illegible>. <illegible> & I put down the feet of <illegible> at boat house.

   <Illegible> went  <illegible> on foot to <Illegible> in <illegible> in <illegible> went to <illegible> in <illegible>
  I <illegible> a <illegible> <illegible> <illegible> from Elba <illegible> <illegible> paid of short hand <illegible> from <illegible> of New York.