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Wong Kong Ying et al


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A. The West Shore Lumber Company. Now it is Howard Point Timber Company. Q.603 These men aren't the shareholders; they have paid the liability . Why did you have to borrow money? These were all workmen looking for jobs that you got this money from? A. Yes. They put the money in to get this money out. Q.604 Didn't they all go down to Canoe Pass after you got this money out of them? A. They work at Canoe Pass and were to get so much a cord. Q.605 You got the $1450.00 from these five men, didn't you? Is that the money you have used to buy the supplies out of at this Canoe Pass? Did you use none of your own? A. Just about two thousand of my own money. Q.606 Except this $880.80 of food that you bought from Hop Sang? A. That has nothing to do with it. A little over two thousand dollars. That was a most unfortunate experience. Every dollar is accounted for. Q.607 As a matter of fact, when these men found this intolerable condition at the Camp they all quit? A. No, they worked for months. Q.608 They worked because they couldn't get out, didn't they? A. No, they did not. Q.609 Did they get any money? A. They were to get their money at so much a cord. Perfectly satisfied to get it. Coroner. Looks like a pretty skin game. It is a sneaking contract. I have read about them. I think it is crooked from start to finish. A. I didn't get a five cent piece out of it. Coroner. You didn't deserve to, either. A. Do you want to see where that liability is take over by the other people? They assume the debts of the old company. Q.610 Has this new Company got any assets? A. They've got timber, and a boat. Timber. Q.611 None of this paid for? What is it worth? The boat? A. Several hundred dollars. And we have trucks.


BC Archives GR-0431 BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. Box 13 File 6 Inquisitions/inquests conducted by coroners in British Columbia.