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108 -104- Q;- If the car was going at fifteen miles an hour on the level truck an incline, about how far would a car of that weight jump? Would it jump five feet.

A;-That I could not tell you? Mr Beck:- How long would it take a car going fifteen miles an hout to cover twenty-two feet? A;-Twenty-two feet. Q;-From the brink to the gate is twenty-two feet six, -twenty foot six inches, how long would it take a car going fifteen miles an hour to go that twenty foot six? A;- Q;- You have no idea how many men examined this car before you examined it? A;-No. Q;- Did you measure the fall of that car? A;- I did not. Q;- How long would it take you, answer the question- I asked how long it took assuming the car was going fifteen miles and hour to go forty feet? I am testing your ability as master mechanic of the Begg Motor Company,- can you answer the question. A;- I am not giving evidence of speed. Q;-You cant answer my question? A;- No. Juror - Regarding these gates, what would be in your opinion,- we will say these gates hung in the center of the span, chain is hung in the center, would they offer greater resistance than a hinge? A;- I cant say but I should imagine there woud be a greater resistance with theses chains. Q;- A;- I didn't take the measurement for the center of the draw to the end at all. Q;- It would safeguard these gates if held by posts, would it be greater than hung by chains? A;- I think the resistance would be more fairly distributed if hung by chains. There is less resistance with hinges than with chains.