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Ah Luck et al


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Canada Premier of British Columbia} District of Nanaimo}

An Inquisition indented taken at East Wellington British Columbia, the fourteenth day of October in the forty ninth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, before me, William Wymnrd? Walkem Doctor of Medicine, one of the Coroners for our Lady the Queen, for the Province of British Columbia aforesaid, upon the view of the body of Ah. Hen, Ben You, Len Sing, Wah Shung and Ah Luck then and there and within the jurisdiction of the said Coroner, lying dead, upon the oaths of Joseph Ramsay, Frank Hamspon, Duncan McLeod, James Frame, Will Gaggash, Allen Smilliy and Samuel. B. Roberts good and lawful men of the District of Nanaimo aforesaid, in the said Province of British Columbia, who being now here sworn and charged to enquire, on the part of our said Lady the Queen, when, where, how, and after what manner, the said Ah Hen - Ben You, Len Sing, Wah Shung and Ah Luck came to their deaths do say upon their oath, that Ah Hen Ben You Len Sing, Wah Shung and Ah Luck came to their death on the 13th day of October by a car falling down the