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Martha Douglas Journal


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Saturday 17th

Arrived in San Francisco this morning about 9 AM. S.F. is splendid looking place. Mr Frazer came to meet us stayed at the Sick House, very comfortable, fine [illegible]. Wrote home. Start for New York tomorrow, a great bore.

Sunday 18th

In the train. Started for New York today at 6:30 AM by the C.P.R.R. Our section very comfortable. Mr Frazer came with us as far as Oakland in the steamer & saw us off on the train. He was very kind to us. Telegraphed home all safe. The carriage we are in is splendidly got up the sofas are so nicely stuffed & covered. All together it is more comfortable than I was led to believe. Everything is bright and clean. The wood that the carriage is lined with inside is of two sorts, oak and maple. It is so brightly polished that you can see yourself. There are more than enough of these commodities in it almost as well as some glass. The carriage is decorated in almost every possible manner. The country that we are passing through is very pretty & well cultivated. To [illegible] Some hills that we passed on our way in were cultivated almost to the tops. The dust is not at all troublesome as yet. We find the lunch baskets a great comfort. The weather still continues fine.

Monday 19th Stopped at Humboldt at station in the alkali plains. It is a beautiful little place situated in the midst of the desert, like an oasis, a patch of green, it was very refreshing to our weary eyes to see something so bright after the sage brushes in the alkali. We go out & had breakfast, waited upon by Chinese, everything very nicely managed. There is an artesian well there also a fountain, it looked so cool & fresh that I wished that

BC Archives, MS-0678 Box 1 File 6 / DOUGLAS, Sir James / Journal kept by Martha Douglas, 1872 - 1873.