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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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Canadian Machine Gun Depôt Seaford, Sussex

this critical time one ought to be in the thick of it, and not messing round a camp in England, however I may get a M.G turned on the devils yet! The Huns are certainly making a fearful shot for Paris and unfortunately seem to be meeting with some success, though every day they must be paying a fearsome price for what they gain, their losses in men must pretty well counterbalance any gains they make in ground. The news the last few days has been better, the Allies seem to have them checked a bit. I only hope we can continue to do so, until the Americans get over there in strength. The Canadians have not been in the fighting of course at all lately. I believe they are being held for some special work, as storming troops along with two crack (Scottish Divisions, Imperials) I feel sure when they start the C's and the Scottish Divisions will make it d--d lively for the Boche. I am afraid Father will be worrying a great deal over the war news just now. I hope you and Dugald are keeping him amongst his vegetables

BC Archives, MS-2685 Box 17 File 3 / OLIVER, William Edgar, 1867 – 1920. Victoria; lawyer. / Erroll P. Gillespie, correspondence outward, 1917 – 1919.