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Erroll Pilkington Gillespie Letters


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it won't be for so very much longer now. We have been getting parcels that have been addressed straight here for some time now; but no letters have come yet, except those sent on from Friedberg -- they are very slow. We have one Tennis court here which the K.Gr made last year and we are also working hard building another - when it is finished everyone ought to get at least an hours tennis per week which will help to pass the time. We are having wonderful weather just now - if we were not at such a high elevation it would be too hot - as it is it is splendid. I have given up all pretence of work for the summer, and do nothing all day long - that is to say nothing requiring any brain power

BC Archives, MS-2685 Box 17 File 3 OLIVER, William Edgar, 1867-1920. Victoria; lawyer. Erroll P. Gillespie, correspondence outward 1917-1919.