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Deborah Florence Glassford Letters and Memorabilia


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What is the date of your birthday? is it 29th March; I know it is about a week before or after mine, the 23rd. I must be getting fearfully old, in fact I know I am, what with one thing and another. I expect I look about fifty by now. I am going to send you a photo of a group of 6 of us today; I must explain where I am as I don't expect you will recognise me, well I am sitting in the middle, behind me is an Australian named O'Hara who is one of my best friends here, what you would call a "White Man", and the others are off my ship, I dont really look quite as awful on the photo, at least so they tell me here - but I thought I had better send you one, or you might have got to know about it & blamed me. My mother & young sister Annie are at present in London, no she is not married yet, but I believe a confirmed little flirt. Bye bye, dearest, hope you are well and happy. Please give my regards to all. As always Yr Boy

BC Archives, MS-0089 Box 1 File 4 / GLASSFORD, Deborah Florence (Leighton). Vancouver / Correspondence inward, 1916.