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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks


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Now if you please I am being sent to no less a place than GHQ to defend a man there on a very serious charge. He happens to be a Canadian which is the reason for my employment. Fortunately some few days ago I sent to Janson Cobb for a handy book on criminal law as the usual manual of mil. law does not take one very far in these civil offences.

I wonder if I shall find Beauclerc there. The weather is beautiful but the war news not very encouraging.

Land & Water still comes but as I said before I don't think it is worth the money especially at the increased price. I really prefer the Saturday Evening Post of which we get copies occasionally through the YMCA. I should miss Punch tremendously if it did not come for it is quite the best & most popular paper there is.

Now that I am in touch with Division it is often

BC Archives, MS-0055 Box 15 File 4 / CREASE FAMILY / Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease to his brother, Lindley Crease, 1918.