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Arthur Douglas Crease Letters, Diaries and Scrapbooks


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spectacular & not at all likely to be mentioned in the papers was rather more difficult on that account.

We have all gone through unspeakable horrors in the last few days but in my own case my nerves are steadier than before & except that I am tired I am none the worse. Best of all I have apparently won the regard of my men who seem glad to see me when I talk to them. Today I found that our old C.S.M. in the sea & another of our Sergts in No. 3 Co. had joined my present Co. as privates - We also have A.S. Innes' son & young Fleming of Foul Bay Road & several other that I know.

You can't imagine how I miss my platoon Sergt Gillespie the Harrow boy - as fine a chap as ever stepped - he leaves a widow & three children. The papers of yesterday & today will tell you something of what we have been doing & of the wonderful armoured cars which walk right over a machine gun

BC Archives, MS-0055 Box 15 File 1 / CREASE FAMILY / Letters from Arthur Douglas Crease to his brother, Lindley Crease, 1916.