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1908/7 Rex vs. Ung Wing – shooting with intent to murder


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46- Q. Well, did you go on a search with Mr. Waddell on a search through the town of Ladner, ---- and if so, -- what occurred? A. Mr. Waddell, came to my barn and gave me information of a certain chinaman, and ask me ----

Mr. J:- I don't want you to say anything about that. 47- Mr. K:- Never mind that, -- never mind the conversation, -- just tell us what happened? A. Well I sent away for the chinaman that has been doing my work, and I asked him to go out and fine ---

Mr. J:- Objected to.

48- Q. Go on, and you took the chinaman? A. Well, about a quarter to two, I seen Mr. Waddell come to my barn, and I said ----

Mr. J:- Objected to

Witness:- Well, I want to ----

49- Court:- Never mind, --- just hwat happened relative to the arrest? A. And I went to Foo Long's house.

50- Q. In company with whom? A. Mr. Waddell

51- Q. And anybody else? A. No. And went upstairs and arrested that chinaman.

52- Q. This chinaman, the accused? A. Yes sir.

53- Q. Now, I want you to describe these premises of Foo Long's that is with reference, to the class of buildings --- that is with reference to where it is in Ladner, -- and where the rest of chinatown is situated? A. Food Long's house is on the bank of Chilock Slough, and he keeps a wash house. And this man when we arrested him was in this house.

54- Q. That is the accused? A. Yes sir.

55- Q. And what is up-stairs? A. It is bed rooms and places where they sleep.

56- Q. What time of the day was this? A. It was close to two o'clock.


BC Archives GR-0419 Box 124 File 1908/7 / BRITISH COLUMBIA. ATTORNEY GENERAL. / Attorney General documents.