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John Moyle

John Moyle John Moyle, ca 1930. BC Archives MS-2365

John Moyle was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in October of 1914, and spent the next two years in England with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. For several months he worked as a recruiter in the south-west of England, remarking that many of the men who were working in the Cornish mines would not enlist.

Promoted to Captain, he was finally sent to France in the fall of 1916. Most of his work seems to have been behind the lines, supervising road construction and repair – an important role, for keeping supply lines open was key. But it also meant that Moyle and his men escaped the worst of the shelling, and had a very different war than those at the front line.

Moyle emigrated to Canada in 1930, and in 1934 married into the Pemberton family of Victoria. At the time of his marriage he was farming on Salt Spring Island, but later worked as an accountant. John Moyle died in Victoria in 1979 at the age of 91.



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MS-2365 Theresa Susan Yoder Moyle fonds, Box 2, File 2, 1914-1928

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