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William Law Ogilby Diary

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made this year by the Government who dont consider expense as long as it is necessary. The mountains were found to be much higher than marked on the charts. Also lakes reported by prospectors and drawn on the charts from their description of location are certainly misrepresented; misleading interested travellers; The Indians don't go inland at all only live by fishing at which they are splendid hands sitting in their canoes from morning until night: their canoes are made out of one solid block of cedar the center part chopped, chiseled and burnt out: and their paddles are made of "YEW". British Columbia is famous for its timber: of which the principle are (cedar) Douglas fir: hemlock: balsam: spruce (red and yellow) pine. Smaller trees such as the arbutus, yew, dogwood etc grow in great

BC Archives, AAAA1452 File 1 / OGILBY, William Law / Diary, 27 Mar to 8 Oct 1892.

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