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William Law Ogilby Diary

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on it.

Sept 8th. Laying around camp as there no pack one of the axemen arrive with instructions from headquarters;

Sep 9th. Go over Divide for packs; finds a bear close to trail eating berries get quite close to him all run after him to try and tree him but he fails to take to one; and he being the fleetest soon plays us out and so gets away.

Sept 10th. Two packers arrive with provisions getting to our camp about sundown; I was out today gathering some Oregon grape roots which when chopped up fine and pounded is a splendid blood purifier; also a tree grows here "Barbary" which tree grows bark; of which a little boiled in water is a splendid purgative and does not cause any grips; the deer go for the bark very often.

Sept 11th. B--- & I go for packs; being a very

BC Archives, AAAA1452 File 1 / OGILBY, William Law / Diary, 27 Mar to 8 Oct 1892.

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