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William Law Ogilby Diary

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lake. They are pretty sorry looking individuals when they arrive and say they would rather mine for 24 hours a day than make this trip again.

Aug 12th. Stay at Buttles all day; have some trout fishing and the miners give us some new potatoes they bring with them which are a great treat being the first potatoes we have seen since March 27th

"Shaving in camp using a bucket of water for a mirror"

Aug 13th. We take some newly made bread and go back to second lake where we arrive at noon. The surveyor and axemen are up in the mountains and came on some eggs (Ptarmigan) the other day. quite a curiosity.

Aug 14th. Today spend in camp as it is wet; we tell each other yarns and so pass the day.

BC Archives, AAAA1452 File 1 / OGILBY, William Law / Diary, 27 Mar to 8 Oct 1892.

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