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William Law Ogilby Diary

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June 2nd. directly we see three we think they are young wolves or some say badgers. However we have got ourselves & go for the new beast after we [illegible] with a axe another with a club a third with a walking stick; they fight like panthers first we chase them there where we get blown they turn around and go for us making us run like hares finally after fighting desperately we tree one which proves to be the female and proceed to chop the tree down; as it falls we make one desperate shot with the club at the animal; one or two of us getting nasty blows ourselves from our chum's sticks, but we slay one prey and now we can't tell what class he belongs to however when we sent the skin to the Provincial Museum the curator tells us it is a "wolverine".

July 3td. Resting quietly after our hunt

BC Archives, AAAA1452 File 1 / OGILBY, William Law / Diary, 27 Mar to 8 Oct 1892.

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