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William Law Ogilby Diary

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April 14th Raining hard in camp all day: darning old socks principally today.

April 15th The Surveyor visits settlers and says good-bye, returns their canoes. So these are the last white men we are to see D. V. until somewhere in October.

April 16th Today we make great progress with our line doing considerably one a mile. Chaining is fair no very bad precipices to go along: everything moves satisfactorily.

April 17th Today being the Sabbath I together with two other fellows go and see my other boss of the last two years who is laying off a townsite near Alberni. We have to walk 10 miles to it: but being a fine day and a good square meal at noon we think nothing of it and find everyone well and the goose hanging high. We return about 7 p.m. Sleep soundly and wake up very fit for anything on -

April 18th When having secured two pack

BC Archives, AAAA1452 File 1 / OGILBY, William Law / Diary, 27 Mar to 8 Oct 1892.

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