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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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No 4 London General Hospital - Epping 1916 31 days 17 Thursday [230-136] [17 to 20] August

Dinner with the Trottens - Three South Africans present

August 17. - British capture trench north-west of Bazentin. Considerable activity in the Balkans; Bulgarian advance towards Kavala; British in contact with the enemy at Doldjeli; Serbs in contact south-est of Florina.

18 Friday [231-135]

Lunch with Young

August 18. - Great British advance along 11-mile front from Thiepval to Guillemont and towards Ginchy; the tops of the ridge gained in several places. French take part of Maurepas and extend their positions east of the Maurepas-Clery road; German line shortened between Guillemont and Maurepas. French progress at Thiaumont, Verdun. General Smuts's forces cross the Wami river.

19 Saturday [232-134]

Afternoon to Epping Town with Elsie Gill - 2 hr. bus ride returning by Mile End

August 19. - German High Seas Fleet out, but retires in face of British forces; H.M. light cruisers Nottingham and Falmouth torpedoed and sunk; submarine E 23 and believed sunk; a German submarine destroyed and another rammed and possibly sunk. German attacks at Fleury re-pulsed. Russian advance on Stokhod; Tobol occupied. Bulgarians and Serbs fighting at Florina.

20 Sunday [233-233] ( 0h 53m P.M. (Greenwich)

Day with Hoakes- To Young's - Play out & have to lie down 2 hrs -

August 20. - Serbs gain a success in the Moglena sector ; British and French encounters all along the front. General van Deventer occupies Kidete.

BC Archives, MS-0392 FRANK SWANNEL PAPERS Box 1 Diary and Enclosures, 1916. Volume 5

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