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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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Troop Train across Canada 14th, New Moon 4:31 a.m. FEBRUARY Sunday 14 Shrove Sunday 1st 28 casualties out of 52 men Monday 15 Monday 15th Feb Near Kamloops at daybreak. Reveille 6 am. Breakfast 6:30. 6:35 at Revelstoke about 2 feet snow. Our platoon taken for a run thru Town. Guards at both ends of every bridge and tunnel throughout BC. At Glacier Station about 5.4 feet of snow.

Call. Navy Atten J.A Dowling J. -- already listed Lce-Corp Bde Staff Note- up to Jne Sgt. Maj. Hammond - Wrrd. My 20- Shot three thig Hastingo Sig. - Comn - Killed Moncuer T.lats- Wrrd, Tuesday 16 [47-318] Shrove Tuesday Died Jan 1921 Collison Wrrd Both comme Butler "Buckskirr" Capt Heavy artillery Lee-Cor. Little corp- lost eye lost, use arm Jne 13/16 77359 Hobbs 77863 Maynard EH in hospital

Tuesday Feb 16th Near medicine hot in the morning - Very little snow on the Prairies. No enthusiasm at the etation - Nothing but sullen foreign faces No guards along the line Juas needs orderly all day, all of us for our car - all food carried from the dinner new cars to (illegible word) Wednesday 17 [48-317] No Wed Feb. 17th Arrive at Winnipeg in the morning -Winnipeg troops having left the day before- Got the Findlays on the phone + James gets down in time to see me. JTop over an (illegible word) , but not allowed out of the etation. At dark reach Fort William and are met by a large crowd = band - Taken for a march. Through town. Shake hands with half the girls in town. All Sudbury out to see us.

BC Archives, MS-0392 FRANK SWANNELL PAPERS Box 1 Diary and enclosures, 1915. Volume 4

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