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Frank Swannell Diaries: Part I

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BC Archives MS-0392 - Box 1, Volume 4-5

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Base Computations. Corrections: 1. For Standard 2. " Temperature 3. " Inclination 4. " sag 5. " Height above sea

(2) Steel expands 625/10,000000 (.00000625) of its length for 1° Fahrn

(4) Sag Let s = Correction for sag l = length in feet between supports w = weight of tape in lbs t = tension applied in lbs

s = l w2/2t2 approx

(5) Reduction of Measurements To Mean Sea Level h = mean ht. ab. sea level R = rad. Earth (20,900,000 ft) Corr = h/R x length of base Measured Length say 5301 Altitude 4520' Correction = -4520x5301/20,900,000 = -1.146'

Contour Intervals 50/Inches To Mile

Practical Astronomy

Parallax in attitude is the angular depression of a celestial body, in consequence of its being seen from the surface instead of center of the earth ASC-LTSU -- Parallax in attitude Always additive When @ is on the horizon, depression or parallax greatest - "Horizontal Parallax" (of sun abt 9" Astronomical Refraction 0 at Zenith 34' at Horizon

27th November 1914 - Pass Medical Examination & Enlist for Active Service Coy B. 88th Victoria Fusiliers

BC Archives, MS-0392 Box 1 Volume 4 / FRANK SWANNELL PAPERS / Diary and enclosures, 1915.

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