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Diaries of Heny Masterman Mist and a copy of Prisoners’ Pie, the Ruhleben Camp magazine. Learn more.

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and Thou goest forth to Thy Purification at the hands of the local Steam Laundry! Nor are Mrs. Todgers's borders alone in this matter. The gentle Longfellow too raises in our bosums at each perusal of his poignant words a chaos of emotions. Consider awhile! the poet, with hair dis-hevelled, the fires of ecstasy exhausted by the composition of "Excel-sior"[sp], has kept dinner waiting. Haggard with expectancy, he raises the cover ....... shudders shake his frame ........he gazes upon the Roast ...... upon Thee, no [?] longer brown with the oven's heat, but swimming white with clammy fat. His eyes roll, he foams ........ ah, the poetic frenzy is upon him. Summoning the house-keeper, in a ringing voice he declaims the grand, rolling lines ..... "The Gravy's cold ..... ([?]) What depths, what heights, are here attained! In this poem Longfellow has raised to Thee, oh Gravy, a shrine of words, a lasting Memorial, which shall not be forgotten. 'Tis clear to the nice observer that Thou wast Shelley's inspira-tion, when he wrote..... "Hail to thee, blithe spirit, Bird thou never wert." Of a truth, Gravy, Thou Art a spirit, an [?] Elemental, the Essential Essence, as it were of grass-fed South-Downs [?], rich attar of stately Herefords. "Bird thou never wert. "How simple, yet how powerful in the knowledge of irresistible and the incontrovertible! And of Thy rivals, of Thy[?] - and yet not Thine - "Thickeners" I would say ..... Behold ye who pass by, the Writing on the Wall, or on the lofty [sp]ding .. [sp] Liebig, Hugon and Company."

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