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BC Archives MS-2570

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The Silken Shadow.

The Cup is full of sparkling wine A Khan athirst and sadly spent; The measured life that once was lent Is sick and wretched in its last decline.

Within the Cup the crystal truth he reads: Who drinks shall break the mystic seal, The throb of Pan's own passion feel, And gain the heaven for which he pleads.

Desire, the will to do, an act, and then Translated to immortal being, Pure Knowledge knowing, Beauty seeing, Commmunion with the gods and saints of men.

He wills; then with a joyful, leaping gasp And eyes with ecstacy ablaze, To livid lips the Cup will raise - It trembles now within his eager grasp.

When lo! he stares - his eyes grow glazed and dim; A shade, as of a silken leaf, No longer than a moment brief, Has flitted by between the Chance and him.

And though the Magic Draught he's almost won, He listless turns to eat and sleep, With his pale fellows still to creep - Mere insects 'neath the daily rising Sun.


Summer Wind.

I lie amidst white heather on a hill, and drowsily the sun beats on my face; I dimly hear a murmur like a yellow corn rolled softly in cool hands, and feel the heather slowly bow in reverence; I tensely wait ...

cool, silken sweep - dark hair blown over feverish lips;

and slow across the blue drift fleecy clouds.


BC Archives, MS-2570 Box 1 File 6 / MIST, Henry Masterman / Ruhleben magazine, Prisoners’ Pie, 1916.

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