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John Moyle War Diary

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BC Archives MS-2365

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man-hour, or conditions such as bad weather, or truck shortage, should be noted in column 15.

The classification of tonnage shewn should be adhered to as closely as possible.

Sundry. - Tonnage under this heading should be classified under the headings (1), (2), (3), in the footnote.

The Grand Total of column 4, 7, 10 and 13 at the foot of the page should be average of figures in column 4, 7, 10, and 13, respectively.

FORM L/7.- MOVEMENTS OF LABOUR. This return notifying the movement of units will be sent to D.L. by D.R.L.S. as soon as the facts are ascertained. The disposal of the transport of each unit will be recorded, i.e., whether the transport attached to the unit moves with it or not. If the transport does not move with the unit, its disposal will be stated. Attention is directed to paragraph 6 of the Q.M.G.'s memorandum 5966 (Q.A. 2) of 18/2/17 which reads:-

"No movements of labour will be made by 'Employers' without reference to the Headquarters of the Area concerned."

In the case of movements within an Army area, arrivals only need be reported. In all cases of arrivals, the work allotted to units, and also the numbers of fighting troops (if any) released will be reported in "Remarks" Column.


Attention is directed to paragraph 4 of the Q.M.G.'s memorandum 5966 (Q.A. 2) of 18/2/17 which reads:-

"Services and Departments, if they require labour for work within a Corps or Administrative Area on the L. of C., should apply to the Headquarters of the Corps or Area concerned; if they require it for work extending over more than one Corps or L. of C. Area, they should apply to Army Headquarters or to Headquarters L. of C. Area; if for work extending over more than one Formation, to the Director of Labour, G.H.Q."


This form will be compiled by D.A.D.L. for units in his Area for each week ending Saturday midnight, and sent weekly to A.D.L., who will transfer to a large sheet, L/9A, and forward it to reach D.L. weekly on Wednesday. The headings to be entered in first column will follow the headings printed in the first column of the Army Labour situation (L/10). Men, i.e., effectives for working parties only are to be shewn; the figures will show the average effective strength employed for the week in question against each heading, compiled from (L/5).

BC Archives, MS-2365 Box 2 File 2 / MOYLE, Theresa Susan Yoder, 1905 - . Victoria. / John Moyle, diary and enclosures, 1914 - 1928.

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