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John Moyle War Diary

War diary of John Moyle and enclosures. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-2365

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School or University

Name - School or University - Address

Roberts, C.M. H.M.S. "Marlborough." 913 Burdette Ave. Robertson, W.S. Marlborough. Bank of Mont., Nanaimo. Scott Whiting, C. Chatham. Alkazar Mansions. Snowden, E. G. Pocklington, 2928 Henderson St. Stilwell, E. G. Private, Bank of Montreal, Vanc'r. Strutt, C. H. Hanner House School, Kent, 1028 Chamberlain St. Thomson, C. E. M. Chefoo School, 526 Linden Ave. Thomson, J. C. Burgess School, Glasgow, 526 Linden Ave. Thurburn, H. University School, 363 Sunset Ave. Tomalin, H. Bridlington, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 539 Linden Ave. Tuckey, W. R. T. Army, Naval and Civil Hall, Cork, 155 Hollywood Crescent. Vernon, Jackson P. Invercargill, New Zealand. Hurst College, New Zealand,1580 Beach Drive. Waldon, W. Ripon, and St. John's College, Cambridge, Duncan. Warden, Q. D. H. Giggleswick. 526 Rithet St. Weaver, C. Y., Manchester Grammar, Edmonton Alta. Welstead, C. Y.King's, Canterbury, Cobble Hill. Wheeler, A. O., Dulwich, Third St., Sidney. Wolley-Dod, A.G., Eton, Calgary, Alta. Worsley, G. N. , Bickerton High, 941 Island Rd. Worsley, R. S., Bickerton High, 941 Island Rd. Wootoon, R. A., Private, 1255 Victoria Ave.


Beasley, A.F., Cox, H. P.


Acland, J. B. Blandy, R. F. Cantrell, E. G. Ker, R. H. B. Laycock, E. P. Le May, G. N. Madden, W. R. Maude, G. A. Maurice, G. T. Murray, G. H. L. Neame, E. A. Nunns, A. E. deL. Parker, O. R. Patterson, J. K. Sterry, F. M. Tunnard, C. C. Tuxford, G. S. Waldy, C. J. Walker, W. T. Wallace, J. W. A.


Hoole, B. Mackenzie, C. R. Oakley, L. H. Plowright, W. G.

BC Archives, MS-2365 Box 2 File 2 / MOYLE, Theresa Susan Yoder, 1905 - . Victoria. / John Moyle, diary and enclosures, 1914 - 1928.

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