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John Moyle War Diary

War diary of John Moyle and enclosures. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-2365

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Any further communication should be addressed to: -

The Secretary, War Office, 27, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.4

and the following number quoted.

Telephone: Central 4021-4022

(Medal Branch, A.G.10)

Form N. W. 14.


18th May 1921

Capt J. Moyle is requested to furnish the particulars required on the accompanying form in order to facilitate the issue of any War Medals that may be due to him in respect of his services during the late War.

No further communication will be necessary as any medal or medals due in respect of such service will be forwarded, when ready, to the permanent address furnished on the form.

BC Archives, MS-2365 Box 2 File 2 / MOYLE, Theresa Susan Yoder, 1905 - . Victoria. / John Moyle, diary and enclosures, 1914 - 1928.

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