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John Moyle War Diary

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BC Archives MS-2365

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June 26th Reported to the [illegilbe] (21m French H.Q.) to Colone [illegible] I sent him a report on my journey. Saw Major Truson at D.A.D.L. of our Corps. Sent evidence about Vaughan to 6/e154 at Coy. Living in tents and eating in a dugout.

June 27th. Very hot. Vaughan reported at 1:15. He took four days to go four miles. Paid him 20 francs. Walked with Lieu Towyer to ECOIVRES to visit Lieut Austen and the Det. Had tea there.

June 28th Walked with Coy Sgt Major to [illegible] and Brunehaut-Chaussée road to visit Lieut Farr and working party. Cycled to DAINVILLE to see Wilcocks. Very busy. Rain and thunder. Got wet through. Heavy bombardment - I should think at OPPY.

June 29. Hundreds of G Prisoners pass through.

June 30. Wrote Cox and Co about A.A.D. companies. Walked with Toyer to the ARRAS-LENS road. Saw the old German lines.

BC Archives, MS-2365 Box 2 File 2 / MOYLE, Theresa Susan Yoder, 1905 - . Victoria. / John Moyle, diary and enclosures, 1914 - 1928.

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