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John Moyle War Diary

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BC Archives MS-2365

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took tea with us. We had a jolly time then cycled back to Agnes , about 30 miles altogether. Roads very bad and heavy traffic.

May 25th Intensely hot. Cycled to DUISANS. Saw the D.A.D.L. Went from him to the D.A.D.L. in FOSSEAU. He granted me leave after a great deal of difficulty, going on 26th. In the evening we were again bombed and things were fairly lively.

May 26th Bombed again in early morning. Could see G. Tauling using his machine gun plainly. Shrapnel all over the place. Very hot. I took the train for leave this afternoon. Went on leave.

May 27th Arrived in London Whit Sun. On leave until June 6th. Left Folkstone for France.

June 7th. Left Boulonge for ETAPLES arriving at ETAPLES about 1:30 p.m. Very late. Went with Capt Charlesworth of 2 eng and went to a most

BC Archives, MS-2365 Box 2 File 2 / MOYLE, Theresa Susan Yoder, 1905 - . Victoria. / John Moyle, diary and enclosures, 1914 - 1928.

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