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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys

Letters to Frederick James Tregillus from Barkerville men who served in the First World War: Joseph Callanan, J.H. Ellis, George Freeman Killam, George Gilchrest, R. Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Nowosky, John Petterson, Ernest Seeley, N.W. Thompson, George Turner, and John Benjamin Westover. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0426

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Girls here, they mostly appear to be well behaved & deacent The town is very scattering but though on a hill side the streets have a good grade & in the back parts are plank roadways. The main streets & stores are well lighted & have cement sidewalks of good width & the town seems to be full of people.

perhaps 8 or 10 picture Gallerys We have a married man with us (beside Murphy) who is taking his wife to Victoria. She is a very nice & ladylike person. she is as is usually the case much better than her man, We have several very deceant men out side of Quesnell & Barkerville bunch & a Bank clerk & two young surveyors also a few real rough necks one or two I hae ma douts about There are about twenty men on the Boat who joined us a Hazelton who belong to the Pioneer Batt.

BC Archives, MS-0426 Box 1 File 5 TREGILLUS, Frederick James, 1862-1962. Barkerville, miner. Correspondence from Ernest Seeley, 1915-1919.

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