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Deborah Florence Glassford Letters and Memorabilia

Letters written to Deborah Florence (Leighton) Glassford of Vancouver by men serving overseas, including some cards, programs and memorabilia. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-0089

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Canadians, only a week in from Canada & none of their baggage had arrived, so we got a beastly meal, & drank weak warm cocoa out of dirty jam jars). The camp is quite alright - huts good - nice stoves, electric light, but absolutely no furniture , & of course no cooking utensils in the officers' mess. Bn officers had lunch & dinner with the 147th but the Colonel, one major & myself went down to Shoreham & had a damn good dinner at the "Crown & Anchor" & then it was that I stopped cursing, for I cursed from the time I left the Brigadier till I went to bed, went to sleep cursing , got up cursing, & cursed all day. When I got back to camp I was dead tired, & rolled up in some blankets (which I managed to get from the 2L.) on the floor, & was asleep almost immediately. During the day, Tuesday , I had a look at the men, I was most agreeably surprised to see what a fine looking lot they were - they looked very hard & fit & appeared to vary from 30 - 50 in age. The Bn only received the over age men provided they were thoroughly sound & fit. They are quite a good sedate lot - no irresponsible boys, all old enough to know how to keep out of trouble & to have common sense (glad I wasn't sent to the boys Bn) also the N.C.O. are a jolly good lot - & before the day was out everything was shipshape.

This is a new camp with 5 new Bns from Canada, who arrived abt a week before we did, & much to my surprise one of them is the 158th. On Wednesday we had our meals with them, on Thursday we had our own mess going.

There is no Bde here at present, but just #2 of Officer Col[?] Trorpoab[?] Shoreham, & this being new, we cannot get the proper stationary, typewriters, & [illegible] so that prevents me getting on very rapidly. However, I hope next week to get properly fixed up. I have been working all day & every evening since I arrived, except the first night & its quite a change.

Of course the baggage (officers) has been delayed & we haven't got it yet

BC Archives, MS-0089, Box 1, File 4 GLASSFORD, Deborah Florence (Leighton). Vancouver Correspondence inward, 1916

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