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John Haworth Drewry Letters

Letters from John Haworth Drewry to his parents. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-3140

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putting on a little weight. The last is due to the amount of excellent food I eat. We have the best of everything. I drink milk three times a day instead of tea or coffee, it is so rich and fresh, from some farm in the district.

I am sorry to hear of this new case coming up. I thought the first had gone as high as it could and was finally settled. I had been wondering if Aunt Mary were in the east and if I could see her here. I certainly wish you could come east to Toronto. Uncle Fred and Aunt Jessie always ask if you say anything more of coming east - they would like so much to see you.

I notice you inquire about the clothing I have to wear. Yes I got two suits of very heavy woollen underwear with my working outfit. The sleeveless vests are certainly the thing for warmth

BC Archives, 93-6553 Box 4 DREWRY FAMILY Selected Correspondence, 1917 – 1919.

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