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John Haworth Drewry Letters

Letters from John Haworth Drewry to his parents. Learn more.

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BC Archives MS-3140

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through later. I expect once we get to Camp Borden it won't be very long till we are at the actual flying. There are four of our boys out at Long Branch now but they will move into Camp B. with us. In regard to your coming east to see me, I hope the "eastward movement of Camp Borden" won't make any difference. I should dearly love to see you.

The news about Dad's receiving a letter from that Mrs. Joos is alright. It will clear the way to a sale of the Mercury if she is willing to sell at a reasonable figure.

I am returning the photos of Aunt Mary and have marked an x on the back of the one I like better. I should like very much to have one indeed.

BC Archives, 93-6553 Box 4 DREWRY FAMILY Selected Correspondence, 1917 – 1919.

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