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Wong Kong Ying et al

As part of the Chinese Historical Wrongs Legacy Initiative, we’ve digitized a small selection of inquests and inquiries from 1872 to 1934, found in series GR-0431. These were chosen to reflect the experiences of early Chinese immigrants to B.C. – their living and working conditions, and their unfortunate accidental or unusual deaths.   They range from a woman working in a brothel in Barkerville who died of natural causes to three sawmill workers who died from malnutrition. Learn more.

*All transcriptions are provided by volunteers, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is not guaranteed. Please be sure to verify the information by viewing the image record, or visiting the BC Archives in person. 

BC Archives GR-0431

*Please note that archival source materials are original historical documents that have not been censored, reviewed or otherwise altered by the Royal BC Museum. Some materials may contain content that is racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. The Royal BC Museum is only the custodian of archival materials; the content does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Royal BC Museum.

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Juryman. These invoices you read out amount to $747. odd. There must be something else.

A. There might be something else not sold for those camps. $880.80 total, of which he has received $122.35.

Mr. L. Q.380 What does the witness say?

A. That is the statement from the Hop Sang Company.

Q. 381 This is a statement corresponding with these invoices?

A. There is $3.00 extra for medicine, not included.

Q. 382 $3.00 not on the invoices. Right up to date?

A. Up to January 10th.

Q. 383 Did you have any trouble getting your money?

A. About October, I went up to Mr. Colquhoun's office and asked for some payment. He told me that at present the shingle bolt has not been paid for; hasn't been sold yet. When I sell the shingle bolt I will give you at least $400.00. After he tell me this, when I receive orders from the Camp I shipped the orders right away.

Q. 384 And when did you get the money?

A. On December 9th I get the cheque from Mr. Leeson for $64.85.

Q. 385 How did you manage to get that cheque?

A. After I said, threatened not to ship any more goods to the camp.

Q. 386 After you threatened not to ship any more goods to the camp?

A. Yes. Again on Jan. 10th I receive another cheque for $57.50.

Summary of Invoices put in as EXHIBIT No. 3.

Q.387 When did you get the order for the goods shipped on January 10th?

A. The order was dated at the camp on January 7th. I suppose I might have received it about the 9th. I don't know exactly.

Q. 388 Have you kept that order?

A. Yes.

Q. 389 Have you got it here?

A. That is the original.

Q. 390 Can you read it to us?

A. Yes. (List of groceries, tobacco, underwear etc., read)

Q. 391 Is it the same as shipped in this invoice (dated January 7th)

A. Yes, it is the same order.

Juryman. Q.392 Was it shipped in full, not in half quantities?


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