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Henry Masterman Mist Diaries and Prisoners Pie Magazine


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letter fr Tottie of 25th.

Oct 28. Thurs. Heavy snow during night. Have chilblaines on fingers of both hands.

Oct 29. Fri. Letter fr Tottie & fr Bob (S.F).

Oct 30. Sat. Parcel fr T. with blanket, curtains, paints, jam etc. Over 100 (?) fishermen brought in yesterday a.m. from Zellelager [?].

Nov 3. Wed. Rev Welwood of Am. Ch in Dres. visited some of us Dresdeners in camp this p.m. Fine sunshine all day. Note fr T.

Nov 2, enclosing one fr Mother Sep 26 & one fr Florence Jones. Cold & wet all day.

Nov 5. Fri. Card fr Tottie.

Nov 6. Sat. this a.m. 85 white men & 32 niggers left for England. 117 in all. Of the withes, many were "P.Gs" & several could not speak English. [phrase underlined] Today is the first anniversary of the coming of first batch of Englishmen into Ruhleben. Some Russians were here earlier. See special R.X.D cancellation stamp. Card from Muriel Cator.

Nov 7. Sun. Card fr Frau Pfotenhauer. Card to Tottie.