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Frederick Tregillus Letters from the Cariboo Boys


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Written at Vernon camp 54th Batt C company Nov 14th 1915 Dear Friend Fred, This is the last note I will send you form Canada. We embark on the train tomorrow night 15th. We had a great spread from the Vernon people they certainly treated the boys well. The whole Batt. Fred I sent 3 pictures of the Cariboo Boys up to Barkerville so find out it they got them and let me know. One for yourself one for Sen Ford and one to Billy Kelly to put up in the Hotel. So ask them if they got them. Harry Brierley sent one to Grain and one to Harper and Tom is sending one to Billy McArthur and Shorty Devitt. Ellis is not in it: he is certainly a Dirty Soldier they are jumping him all the time to clean